Vintage Bracing

1984 Taylor 710 Top
It had major fire damage on the outside of the top.  The braces are fairly large, and it has a large E. I. rosewood bridge plate.

Gibson 1970’s Double X
This top came off a 1951 J-185 that had been re-topped by Gibson in the 70’s.

19?? Gibson J-35
This one is labeled as 1936 based on the “B” in the F.O.N. on the guitar it was removed from.   It is likely that the F.O.N. was mis-read during restoration because according to the experts, it not a 1936 model. This configuration is more consistent with J-35’s from the early 40’s.   Note that these braces are very thin.  They are smaller than the J-45’s from the early 40’s.  It would also be very unusual for a 1936 model to have only  2 tone bars.  There are several combinations of bracing in the J-35.  Scalloped with 2 or 3 tone bars and non-scalloped with 2 or 3 tone bars.

1951 Gibson LG-2
The braces are original.  The top and the bridge plate are replacements.

1950’s Gibson LG-1
Note the ladder bracing and the large spruce bridge plate.  The bridge plate is a constant source of problems, because the string balls dig into the soft spruce.  A thin maple overlay is sometimes added to stop the damage.

Burkett Top Bracing
This bracing is patterned after the  J-35 top pictured above.